A WWII Field Boot Reissue + A Big Deadstock Denim Drop

...and the 7 best chukka boots out there


Welcome to the eighth edition of Denim + Boots Daily, the only men’s style newsletter that is obsessed with feet pics… but not in a weird way.

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A WWII Field Boot Reissue, White’s Perry Gets a New Look, and a Big Deadstock Denim Drop from Nudie

Vintage looks getting serious reboots in this week’s boot drop roundup: featuring new limited releases from Oak Street Bootmakers, Russell Moc, Helm Boots, Hiroshi Kato, among others.


Hands-On With the Beckett Simonon Elliot: Italian Leather Boots That Are Worth the Wait?

A pair of quality dress boots are a must have in every wardrobe. So how does Beckett Simonon’s budget balmoral hold up?

We took this one to the dance floor to find out if these sub-$250 boots are worth the one to three month wait time.


The History of the Camp Shirt

The camp shirt is a summertime staple that pairs well with just about anything. Our friends at Taylor Stitch recount the history of this classic design, and how Fidel Castro helped bring the look to America.

In Case You Missed it

There’s no better time than Springtime to bust out your favorite chukkas and get them into your daily rotation.

Need inspiration for your next pair?

Here are William’s thoughts on his favorites, including Grant Stone, Velasca, and Allen Edmonds.


We Asked, You Told

What's the longest you've ever waited for delivery after ordering a pair of boots?

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That’s a Wrap

I made it a point to start the transition from winter to spring in my garage: jackets are going in the tubs and insulated boots are being boxed up.

A weight has definitely been lifted from my closet. Feels good, man.

Bring on the warmth. Cheers.

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